How and Why to Attract Attendees from Outside the US to your Show & Your Booth

Archive is now available for download as PDF – Attracting-International-Attendees-and-Exhibitors

Resources for International Exhibiting and for those outside the US attending and exhibiting in the US

Ways to connect with (some great resources with links in here!)

R. E. Rogers is chock full of great international advice (via Michelle Bruno)

5 Tips: Save Time and Money on Shipping

Our Industry Without Borders

#ExpoChat topic for Wednesday, August 1st

A few years ago, when I was consulting with Pharma and Biotech companies, we saw a dramatic increase in the number of foreign attendees on the show floor. At some shows they seemed to be the majority. The US docs were staying off the show floor while the non-US docs were flooding into the hall. We recognized right away out booth strategy was going to have to change…one because of the regulations, but two because these new visitors were obviously not comfortable with our grab–detail–go booth practice. Spend some time at shows outside of North America and you will quickly see that we have a very different style over here.

Stephanie Selesnick explores these differences in her post for Expo Magazine, International Exhibitor Attitudes Toward U.S. Organizers. In this fun yet poignant post Steph shows why “foreign exhibitors in US shows have good cause to think we are, collectively, nuts.”

In today’s chat we’ll be talking about how and why shows should be attracting both foreign exhibitors and attendees to shows and what they need to do to help them adjust to our “weird ways”.  We’ll also be talking about how these attendees impact our exhibitors and what are the best ways for exhibitors to make a good impression and connections with attendees who are not from North America.

  1. How do you know it’s time to recruit internationally?
  2. What have the show organizers found helpful/useful to bring in intl visitors?
  3. What can exhibitors do to encourage international visitors?
  4. What are some pitfalls?
  5. Your ideas & questions…

Thanks to Stephanie Selesnick for today’s video choice! Roam by the B52s

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1 Response to How and Why to Attract Attendees from Outside the US to your Show & Your Booth

  1. Great chat. Glad I stumbled in at the end. Just read the entire transcript. So much more to learn here than just black socks! Thanks for the post, Traci… 🙂

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