What’s working and what isn’t in exhibit booth sales?

Expochat archive available for download as PDF here Improving-Expo-Sales

Thank you to Michelle Bruno for getting us the link to Reed’s New Booth pricing model

Just last week I was looking at different potential shows for a company to exhibit at. I was gathering initial data so I could make a good comparison. Some of the conferences gave exhibit pricing…most did, but some did not. I was surprised at the number of events that didn’t publish the number of attendees or demographics. Arguably the two most important factors when making a decision to exhibit.

That was a bit frustrating but no worries…they did give contact email addresses so I shot off three different emails to three different events specifically requesting pricing and demographic information. How many attendees, titles of the attendees, company names if possible and were the companies attending B2B or B2C.

On one I received an out of office reply…I’ve heard nothing else since then. On another I received an email back with only a link to the event website. Thanks for that…that was incredibly helpful…NOT. The third person…let’s give his name because he was so awesome…Jeff Valentine from AdTech, called me on my office line and my mobile. He left a message that showed he looked up the company’s website because he mentioned in the message some things we might particularly be interested in given what the company does. I had a lovely conversation with Jeff and never once felt like he was trying to sell me real estate. He was trying to find me the best fit for the budget of this company, what would be best logistically, and what placement would give them the best bang for their buck.

I’ve talked to a lot of booth sales people over the years and I think Jeff is the best one I’ve come across. Having great sales people is key but what about all the other touch points? How does a potential exhibitor hear about you? What entices them to check your event out further? How do you communicate your value. What kind of packages do you offer? All that and more is the topic of today’s expochat!

A..B..C..Always! Be! Closing!
(my favorite scene ever…but warning…it does contain foul and offensive language…a lot of it…a more mild video is posted after for those who prefer)

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