The merger of EACA and TSEA…find out what’s up with that.

Here is today’s archive of #ExpoChat featuring Jim Wurm – Jim answered your questions about the merger of EACA and TSEA to create E2MA. You can download the PDF archive here – E2MA

And a big #ExpoChat thank you to Jim! We were asking him some tough questions and he took them all head on and gave us real answers.

Update on this post: EACA + TSEA = E2MA

This week we will be joined on #ExpoChat by Jim Wurm, Executive Director of EACA-TSEA. Jim started EACA – the Exhibitor Appointed Contractor Association, which absorbed TSEA – the Trade Show Exhibitors Association, when it was shuttered this spring.

Like #ExpoChat, this organization surely will have an impact on the future of our expositions regardless of what role each of us play. So we are going to find out from Jim the scoop on the new association, how it’s being organized, who will be members, how it will be promoted, etc. If you have questions you want to be sure are asked during the chat, send them ahead of time!

Q1.      Why the merger? How is this a fit? Seems like a bad marriage to some.

Q2.  So your members are Exhibitor Appointed Contractors and Tradeshow Exhibitors?  Is the priority going to be with EACA members since you know them, been around longer?

Q3.  Do you think there are conflicts there with EACs and exhibitors represented by same group?

Q4.  How are you going to attract members?  How will you succeed where TSEA and TS2 failed?

Q5.  Will show organizers be included as members? Suppliers? Different levels?

Q5.      Are you going to fight for transparency on issues like audits, commissions, etc?

Q6.     What else do you want to accomplish? Basically, why should we care about EACA/TSEA?


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