Best practices on exhibiting and taking your show international…

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…or, how not to be an ugly American.

Expochat Topic for Wednesday, June 6 3pm ET/noon PT

We haven’t had an international exhibiting discussion for a while and we’ve been getting quite a few requests in lately…is everyone going somewhere???

This week we’ll talk about best practices around exhibiting or taking your show international.  Read “10 Things You Might See at an Overseas Trade Show That You Won’t See in the U.S.” by Michelle Bruno for R.E. Rogers for some insight into the differences between how things work here and how they work “over there”.

Stephanie Selesnick will be on the chat this week and her company International Trade Information are experts on international trade shows and expos so she’ll be able to answer any questions you may have or correct any misperceptions. Michelle also promises to be on the chat and she has experience in international shipping of exhibits and international freight forwarding. This is your opportunity to tap into Stephanie and Michelle’s expertise as well as the expertise of other ExpoChatters.

Q1 – What are some best practices for shipping to a show overseas?

Q2 – What should you cover in training for trade show staff and booth staff when exhibiting overseas

Q3 – What problems have you encountered when exhibiting or showing internationally and how did you overcome them?

Q4 – What should you always pack in your bag if exhibiting or showing internationally?

Q5 – What information should show organizers provide their exhibitors particularly when it comes to international exhibiting (what do you wish the provided?)

Q6 – What things are done at shows outside the US that we should bring to our shows here?

And for your viewing pleasure…

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