A more strategic approach/discussion on Pinterest for #tradeshows.

Expochat Topic for Wednesday, May 9, 2012 – 3PM ET/Noon PT

Download the archive of our Pinsanity chat here – Pinsanity

This week Dana Freker Doody (@TheExpoGroup) of The Expo Group will be leading our chat in discussing Pinterest and how we might apply it to our trade shows. Is it something that will enhance our attendees’ experience? Can it make our jobs/lives easier? Is it a more interesting way to present information like exhibitors, speakers, new products and other attendees? What else could we do with it?

For those who’ve been living under a rock…here is a link that tells you a bit more about this Pinterest thing.

Here are some stats on who is using Pinterest

Here is an article about who’s using Pinterest in the event world and some ideas.

Now you are ready to chat…here is what we’ll be discussing around this topic

  1. How can expochat professionals use Pinterest?
  2. How can events use Pinterest? Collaboration? Marketing?
  3. Who in the tradeshow/meetings space is using Pinterest well?
  4. Who is using Pinterest as an effective marketing tool?
  5. Why use or ignore the latest social media tools?
  6. How do you decide what is worth your valuable time?

Who’s on Pinterest????

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