Traditional and New Media Outreach For Expos

#ExpoChat Topic for Wednesday, April 25th, 2012

Archive now available as PDF download: Expochat-Archive-42512

On this #ExpoChat we’ll be discussing how show organizers and exhibitors can reach out to the media. How can you find them? How do you capture their interest? How do you accommodate them logistically? We often have members of the media (both traditional and new) so let’s bounce some of our ideas off them…and ask for their advice!

Q1 Do you think you and/or your expo and/or your exhibitors are doing a good job reaching out to both old and new media and why?
Q2 How can show organizers and exhibitors work together to get more media exposure?
Q3 Do you have any tips or tricks to find bloggers who cover your industry? Tools you use?
Q4 How to you pique their interest?
Q5 What are best practices or things not to do when reaching out to the media?
Q6 What do bloggers need/want logistically when at our expos, product launches or product demos in booth?

How to rock an interview

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2 Responses to Traditional and New Media Outreach For Expos

  1. John Toner V says:

    That was the best 4 more minutes of my day. Thank you!

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