You’re the one that I want…tools for trade shows

Archive available for PDF download available here (it gets going near end of page 3): ExpoChat3712

During the chat we asked everyone to recommend magazines/blogs/books they feel help them in their job/life/career…here they are…happy reading! (Please add your own suggestions in the comments)

#ExpoChat Topic for Wednesday March 7, 2012

Since many of our exhibitors are in Vegas at Exhibitor2012 we thought we’d focus a bit more on the show management side for this chat.

What is the greatest thing out their that will help you manage your show? It could be a book you read, a software program, a concept…anything and everything is up for grabs.  Not things that make the experience for the attendees better…things that make the management of the show better/easier for those involved in the day-to-day.

Just please no sales pitches. If you are a show organizer and you have a tool you’ve used feel free to share it.  If you are a vendor who makes a tool that helps organizers, invite your customer to the chat and they can do your sales pitch for you. If the discussion is about project management tools and you happen to make one, by all means let us know…just no sales pitches please.

If you are an exhibitor who is joining us…please jump in, you see things from a different angle and probably have some great suggestions we’ve never thought about.

To clarify, we’re not talking about cool things we’ve seen on the trade show floor…we’re talking about the stuff that makes it easier to do our jobs better…or stuff that’s hard but makes us do our jobs better.


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