#ExpoChat Survey Results

Thank you to everyone who completed our survey!  If you would like to give your input on future #ExpoChat topics please fill out this short 4 question survey (essay questions).  We are also looking for feedback in that survey on ways we can make #ExpoChat even better.

Here are our results thus far (we love transparency)

10 People have taken the survey:

  • 4 classified themselves as exhibitors
  • 4 classified themselves as show organizers
  • 2 classified themselves as suppliers
  • 0 classified themselves as media

Q1 What topics would you most like to learn about or discuss in #expochat?

  • I’d like to hear from the exhibitors’ perspective their thoughts on what they have seen and really liked at shows that they wish would happen everywhere, and what they really don’t like. These can be pie in the sky or really down to earth ideas.
  • ROI on tradeshow participation
  • Anything related to trade shows! Insights, new ideas, new tools,
  • “should organizers warn exhibitors of low registration? If so, how far in advance should this be done? “what tactics should be used to say sorry for a poor performing expo?”
  • Learning new marketing techniques for exhibiting as well as learning how to better deal with struggles as show organizers when it comes to venues/traffic to exhibit halls.
  • innovation, research, best practice, experiences,
  • Why independent show audits are not the norm? Should organizers get out of securing rooming blocks? Why not let attendees book their own hotel arrangements? Is having a point system good for exhibitor rebook? If so, what is fair balance? When is it good to start the rebooking process?
  • More open discussion, less one way discussions

Q2: Tell us what you like about expochat.

  • I like hearing what other exhibitors and tradeshow organizers are doing that is working well.
  • sense of community
  • Really love that it comes through Twitter. The people involved seem to be passionate about events (it hasn’t turned into spam — yet)
  • The format, the people that attend, and the openess of the attendees to help everyone.
  • nice all round (crowd, topics, blog, images..). gives the feel of a community
  • Open discussion.

Q3: Tell us what bugs you about expochat…it’s ok, we have thick skin, you can be honest.

  • Need more exhibitors on expochat.
  • too long
  • As a group, expochat is kind of preaching to the choir.
  • makes no sense to fill in a survey if you are not honest.. anyway. no bugs yet, sorry 🙂
  • Still get the feeling organizers are from Venus and exhibitors are from Mars.
  • I don’t think people are really embracing the discussion…..!

About Traci Browne

Trade Show Consultant and Freelance Writer
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