Networking – How can we help or are we hurting?

Expochat topic for Wednesday, January 25th, 3pm ET

Archive now available for download (PDF) – Networking—How-can-we-help-3 (starts up on page 3)

This week there was an interesting article in Wired, “Opposites Don’t Attract and That’s Bad News” by Jonah Lehrer.  In this article he talks about how people don’t really mingle with strangers…they gravitate to people they know or people who are just like them.  It also talks about how, the larger the group the less people will talk to people who are not like them.  Smaller groups tend to seek more diversity.

When you have time I’d encourage you to read the full Columbia study that Jonah links to in this article.  It’s pretty fascinating.

So, it made me think.  At our shows we tend to put people in a room together and tell them to go ahead and network.  Is that the best we can do?  Should we be trying to find ways to get people to step beyond what is comfortable and natural or should we be finding ways to group them together more?  We’ll be talking about this in this week’s chat.

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