Internet Access at Trade Shows – Everything You Want to Know

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Expochat topic for Wednesday November 30, 2011 3pm ET/noon PT

This week’s #expochat will be all about the Internet.  This subject has come up in many of our past chats.  We’ve discussed everything from the high cost, reliability, wifi, bandwidth and it’s future.  This week we’ve brought in a special guest from Trade Show Internet to answer your more technical questions.  This is something that will soon, if it doesn’t already, effect just about every exhibitor, attendee and trade show producer.  We’re not network administrators so we’re often in the dark about what our requirements are.

This week Logan Bestwick of Trade Show Internet will be with us to answer your questions.  I know I’d like to understand all this a little better so I can include the right information in RFPs and eliminate a lot of surprises when onsite.

I stumbled across Trade Show Internet when researching information on exclusive service at venues.  I think you’ll find it to be very valuable information whether you are a trade show producer or an exhibitor.

What About Internet Exclusivity

Each venue has an in-house telecom provider. However, Federal Law and FCC rules allow you (as a leaseholder) to select your own telecom provider(s) and deploy your own wireless equipment, as long as it meets FCC requirements. Our Internet Kits comply with all FCC requirements. Your association and exhibitors are free to use them at your event.  We hired top telecom attorneys to research this issue and published our Consumer Bill of Rights detailing the relevant laws protecting your rights.

Interestingly, most venues have an in-building cellular tower called a Distributed Antenna System (DAS) fed by an Internet backbone that is paid for by each cellular carrier. As such, there are typically multiple providers of wireless telephone & Internet access including the venue’s “official” provider, and all of the cellular carriers who pay monthly rent to broadcast their signals in the building. We rely upon Verizon’s Internet signal which is typically very reliable in each building we service. Most venues don’t want you to know that they have multiple carriers in the building because it undermines the perception they are trying to create of Internet exclusivity.

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