Thanksgiving ExpoChat – Open Mic

Yes we are having a chat this week!  It’s Open Mic Afternoon

Expochat topic for Wednesday November 23, 2011 3pm ET/noon PT

We figured everyone was busy with Thanksgiving this year so we are still having expochat, but it will be open mic day.  What with @lisamcgrath and myself (@tracibrowne) making cranberry sauce.  @escapenova and @stephselesnick making stuffing and @michellebruno cooking up bourbon sweet potatoes.  @SkylinNortheast will be bringing the green bean casserole and @marcseyon will be bringing the callalou soup and mailing out lavish gifts to us all.  @engage_attract will be making sweet potatoe pie and @dwheeler11 is making her mom’s cinnamon sticky rolls and her aunt’s ham/sausage/mushroom stuffing (over-achiever) and @SkylineExhibits will be making pumpin pie.  (WHAT????  See last weeks archive…it will explain all of this).

So we will still have a chat but it will be open mic afternoon at #expochat. We didn’t want anyone to miss out on one of our fabulous topic discussions.  Although open mic turns out pretty fabulous too.

And of course for your viewing/listening pleasure…this year let’s remember the sacrifice of the turkey…

About Traci Browne

Trade Show Consultant and Freelance Writer
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