Exhibitor Advisory Committees/Boards Best Practices

Expochat topic for Wednesday November 9, 2011 3pm ET/noon PT

Chat archive available for download here: Exhibitor-Advisory-Committees

This week’s topic is Exhibitor Advisory Board/Committees – An advisory committee/board is generally a group of exhibitors (often invited by the show organizer) who represent all the exhibitors at the show.  These committees are the organizer’s way to find out what the exhibitors as a whole are looking for from the event.  During this chat we’ll discuss what is the purpose, best way to create them, who to get involved and more.  Please join our chat if you have experience running them or if you want to know more about them.  Questions for this week follow the video…

Q1 – What are the pros/cons of an exhibitor advisory board?

Q2 – Who should you invite to be on the advisory board?  What is the right balance?

Q3 – What is an ideal number?

Q4 – How often and where do you meet?  Key times in the schedule?

Q5 – How much power does/should the committee have? What decisions do they make?

Q6 – Other than exhibitors, who should be invited if anyone?

Q6 – What are some other best practices?

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