What will trade shows look like 10 years from now?

Expochat topic for Wednesday October 26, 2011 3pm ET/noon PT

Download the PDF archive here. ExpoChat-102611-2

This week Stephanie Selesnick was cleaning out some files and came across these wonderful nostalgic documents from the SISO Exec conference of 2000.  This handout talked about ideas for using “e-marketing” and other fun stuff.  My favorite is “With the influx of new dot com money…”

So what 2011 documents are people going to be pulling out 10 years from now and saying either “can you believe we used to have to be told that?” or “it’s still the way things are done”.  What do you think we’ll find on a Twenty-Seven Ideas document in 2021?  What do you hope will be on one?

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1 Response to What will trade shows look like 10 years from now?

  1. Jai Cole,CEM says:

    I am moving my office and throwing out files from 1984 – wonder what hidden gems I am tossing?
    But – do I want to read through a gazillion printed articles I have filed – or research current info as I need it? Betcha can’t guess!

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