How do we make the show floor a hub of activity

Expochat topic for Wednesday October 12, 2011 3pm ET/noon PT

Download the PDF archive here.  ExpoChat-101211

This week we’ll be talking about ways to get our attendees to go hang out on the show floor and stay there longer.  How can exhibitors and show management work together to make this happen?  We know attendees come to these events to see new products, get educated and network.  With this in mind, what can we do to fulfill these needs on our show floors?

Q1 Ideas for networking on the show floor
Q2 Ideas for education on the show floor
Q3 Ideas for showcasing new products on the show floor
Q4 What other creative ways can we keep attendees on the floor longer?


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2 Responses to How do we make the show floor a hub of activity

  1. Develop a monetization strategy for after the event which can also service the attendees and exhibitors during the event: Enable live streaming video from participants/exhibitors that can be aggregated into one news channel area for the event during the show; “Code” the video so that when it starts the user pans over a QR code at each booth, then people who could not attend can view demonstrations live from the show or catch it later: The QR code scan at the start of the video tags it to an exhibit booth or space. After the show, exhibitors could have a pay-per-click/view for people that view the feed or demo. which keeps traffic driving back to the event site between events. Just a thought.

  2. expochat says:

    Great ideas Bernard…hope you can join us for the chats as well! Thanks for sharing this idea with this group.

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