ExpoChat Wednesday, August 17, 2010

Internationalizing Your Domestic Show

Archive of chat available for download – ExpoChat-81711

Great resources discussed on the chat today for both exhibitors and producers!
Events Information By Short Listing For The International Buyer Program
Grants, Contracting, and Trade Opportunities at Commerce

Stephanie Selesnick’s advice…even if you aren’t an IBP show, the DOC can be quite helpful. Contact DC desk officers for your industry!

Q1: what is your biggest challenge recruiting visitors from overseas?
Q2: what is the most effective kind of promotion you’ve done?
Q3: has your show used the DOC for assistance? How was it?
Q4: How do you make your intl visitors feel appreciated & welcomed?

World's Columbian Exposition: Liberal Arts Building, Chicago, United States, 1893 via Brooklyn Museum Archives

We’ve gotten several requests to cover the international market in our ExpoChats.  It’s a big subject with many pieces so we’ll cover different aspects in different chats.  This weeks topic focuses on what show managers need to think about when attracting an international market and what a more international audience means to the exhibitors. 

Some background reading for you prior to the chat (or after) “Internationalizing Your Domestic Show” by T.J. Raphael on ExpoWeb.com

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